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Department of Livestock Infectiology and Environmental Hygiene

Head of the Department

Curriculum vitae


NAME: Wolfgang Paul Beyer

              born: 15.12.1955

TITLE:  PD Dr. med. vet. habil.


POSITION:  Privatdozent

                     Head of the Molecular Biological Laboratory       

                     Head of the Anthrax consulting Laboratory




INSTITUTION AND LOCATION                     DEGREE                    YEAR(s)           FIELD OF STUDY


Humboldt-University Berlin                              Diploma                     1978-1983           Veterinary Medicine


Central Institute of Molecular

Biology of the Academy of Sciences

(Max-Delbrück-Centre)                                     Dr. med. vet.               1983-1987            Animal retroviruses

                                                                                                                                              and  interferons

University of Hohenheim                          Specialist Veterinary Microbiology

                                                                              (Fachtierarzt)                2001                Veterinary Microbiology

University of Hohenheim                                   Habilitation

                                                                             (Venia legendi)               2005                Veterinary Microbiology

                                                                                                                                                and Immunology

Positions and Employments


  1985-1987: Head of a interdisciplinary working group comprising molecular biology,

                     bacteriology, pathology and virology at the Federal Research Centre for Virus

                     Diseases of Animals / Institute of Epidemiological Diagnostics


1987-1991: Head of the Dept. Molecular Epidemiology at the same institute

                    Working field: Molecular diagnostic methods for detection and characterization of

                    retroviruses and  Enterobacteriaceae


1992 (Jan-March): Senior scientist at the Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases of

                                Animals / Institute of Molecular Virology


Since April 1992:   Senior Scientist at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany


Working fields:

- Molecular diagnostic methods

- Molecular epidemiology

- Recombinant live carrier vaccines and subunit vaccines

- DNA vaccines

- Biocidic molecules as new therapeutics

- Bacteriophages


Special expertise:


- Cultural, molecular, and serological diagnosis of B. anthracis

- Development of and immunization with live recombinant and DNA vaccines

- Challenge infection models for B. anthracis

- Molecular fingerprinting methods for forensic evaluation of B. anthracis isolates

- Therapeutic approaches against Anthrax in laboratory animals


 Special tasks:

  •   since 1992:  Officer for Biological Safety of the University of Hohenheim
  •   2008 - 2018: Head of the Committee for Biological Hazards

                         of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin

  •   since April 2018: Deputy head of the Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene of the

                                Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin

Special experience:


- Member of a United Nations team of experts in Baghdad, Irak, 1999

- Debriefing of experts by the UNVOVIC, New York, 2004

- German representative at the Anthrax Wetlab Workshop of the Laboratory Network of the

  Global Health Security  Action Group, HPA Porton Down, UK, 2004

- Expert of the WHO at the “Course on Capacity Strengthening of Laboratories for the

  Detection of Highly Epidemic Pathogens, Bukarest, 2005

- Debriefing of experts at the "Workshop to Formulate Preparedness Action Plans for Anthrax

  Epizootics in Wildlife Zones, Malilangwe Trust, Zimbabwe, 2005

-  UNSGM Designated Laboratories Workshop on data assessment and laboratory capabilities,

  25 – 27 October 2017, Berlin